The British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup is approaching the quarter finals. Until now, Dubai, La Dolfina Great Oaks and Talandracas qualified directly to the tournament’s next stage. In the meantime,the last Leagud C and D games were played on Tuesday July 9, and six teams will go to a penalty shootout to determine the quarter finalists on Thursday July 11, at 11am. Two of them will advance directly to quarters and a third will have a chance against those teams from League A and B.


Sujan Indian Tigers and La Magdeleine played the day’s opening game. While the Indian foursome had to win to secure a spot in the penalty shootout, the French lineup just needed a victory to advance to the next stage. Following a very balanced contest, Rufino Bensadon managed to produce the winning goal for Sujan Indian Tigers, in the last minutes of play.


The second match saw King Power and Bangash, with the former aiming for a victory to step in the penalty shootout. At the end of the day, the Thai team dominated the match and the scoreboard, to claim an impressive 14-6 win.


Therefore, the League C/D lineups who will be at the penalty shootout are Black Bears, Gaston, La Magdeleine, Sujan Indian Tigers, King Power and Marqués de Riscal.





British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup, Tuesday July 9:


Sujan Indian Tigers 11-10 La Magdeleine

Progresión Suján Indian Tigers: 2-1, 3-2, 4-4, 5-6, 8-8, 11-10.


King Power 14-6 Bangash

Progresión King Power: 3-1, 5-1, 10-3, 11-3, 12-5, 14-6.


The British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup will continue on Thursday July 10, as follows:

11am: La Dolfina Great Oaks vs Park Place

1pm: UAE vs Green Gates

4pm: Valhalla vs White Crane


The final of the British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup is due on Sunday July 21.


British Open Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup – Teams & Fixture


Cover photo by Mark Beaumont.