Following successive delays due to heavy rainfalls, the Tournoi de Printemps Jean Dinh Van, the opening tournament of the Parisian Triple Crown, came to an end on Sunday May 14, at the sophisticated and exquisite Polo de Paris, located in the Bois de Boulogne, on the banks of River Seine, in Paris, France, and known also as Bagatelle. In a very tight contest, Audaz claimed the trophy after beating Kazak 8-7.


The third place went to Sainte Mesme, that had Clemente “Corchito” Zavaleta back on the saddle, after a very tough accident last year, while playing in Palm Beach. Robert Strom’s lineup earned a 11-9 win over Red Falcon and claimed the Coupe Michel Baron Petit,


The Tournoi de Printemps Jean Dinh Van saw four teams up to 12 goals, in participation. The next leg of the Parisian Triple Crown is the Tournois de de la Ville de Paris, that will run through May 20 to June 4.



Tournois de Printemps Trophée Jean Dinh Van, Final Day


Tournois de Printemps Trophée Jean Dinh Van – Teams & Fixture