The Open de Sainte Mesme took place through July 4-7, on the grounds of the Strom family’s home, Sainte Mesme, in France. The tournament saw four teams up to 10 goals, in participation.


“The tournament in Sainte Mesme was a whole experience”, told Clemente “Corchito” Zavaleta to PoloLine. “Tatiana Sorbac, daughter of the renowed Julian Sorbac who played more than 20 year between the areas of Dourdan and Bagatelle, played alongside Robert in the local team (NR: Strom, Corchito’s brother-in-law). We also had the pleasure to receive Nicolas Constant with Audaz Polo team and Annabelle Morandi alongside La Mariana. The people from Korea Polo Team, lead by David Ko,  came alongside the chairman of the Korea Polo Federation to experience polo in France as the sport is growing fast in their country. It was a great event. There was asado, party and the idea was having a good time with friends and play polo in the fantastic grounds in Sainte Mesme. It was a nice experience”.


With regards to the tournament itself, Audaz ran out the champions; Korea came up second followed by Sainte Mesme and La Mariana.




  • AUDAZ: Nicholas Constant 0, Diego Belaid 0, Lolo 4, Briec Rigaux 6. Total: 10.
  • LA MARIANA: Tomás Ferrari 3, Bautista Bello 4, Mariano López 2, Emmanuel Morandi -1. Total:  8.
  • SAINTE MESME: Robert Strom 5, Tomás Caseros 3, Luciano Valiente 2, Tatiana Sorbac -1. Total: 9.
  • KOREA: David Ko 0, Danielle Lussi 0, Clemente Zavaleta 5, Santiago Irastorza 5. Total: 10.