The 126th Argentine Open, the most important polo tournament in the world, continued on Tuesday in Palermo. For a third year in a row, ten teams are competing for the prestigious title. Defending champions La Dolfina are playing for their seventh consecutive championship.


La Aguada and La Irenita opened fire on ground two. Both teams were looking for their first win in the competition. La Irenita gave a great performance, with all four players working hard, especially Diego Araya, who was solid and efficient at Back. La Irenita, who are vying for a place in the 2020 Argentine Open, kept focused throughout and secured their first victory. 


Up next, La Dolfina showed the full force of their man and horse power once again to claim a convincing win over La Ensenada, who played on Palermo’s number one ground for the second time. The match marked La Dolfina’s 2019 Argentine Open debut on ground one, a field on which they have only lost once (2012 Argentine Open Final). 



La Irenita: Tito Ruiz Guiñazú 8 (5 goals, 4 penalties), Juan Jauretche 6 (2), Clemente Zavaleta 7 (2), Diego Araya 7 (7, 5 penalties). Total: 28.

La Aguada: Lucas Díaz Alberdi 7, Alfredo Bigatti 8 (1 goal), Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8 (7, 4 penalties and 1 safety penalty), Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9 (3, 1 penalty). Total: 32.

Score La Irenita: 4-2, 5-4, 8-4, 10-7, 12-7, 13-8, 15-9, 16-11.

Umpires: Federico Martelli & Rafael Silva.                

Third man: Gonzalo López Vargas.

Best Polo Argentine of the Match: Irenita Agrandada (Losmachitos Líbano x Irenita Quejosa), played by Diego Araya.

Nomination 1: Irenita Grosa Mal (Losmachitos Líbano x Irenita Certera), played by Diego Araya. 

Nomination 2: Anay Sur La Peluda (Fax Banquero x Gata), played by Juan Jauretche. 



La Dolfina: Adolfo Cambiaso 10 (10 goals, 4 penalties), Pelon Stirling 10 (1), Pablo Mac Donough 10 (2), Juan Martín Nero 10 (5, 2 penalties). Total: 40.

La Ensenada Meta: Facundo Fernández Llorente 7 (4 goals), Juan Gris Zavaleta 8 (1), Juan Martín Zubía 8, Jero del Carril 7 (3, 1 safety penalty). Total: 30.

Score La Dolfina: 3-0, 7-0, 9-2, 12-3, 15-3, 16-4, 17-7, 18-8.

Umpires: Martín Aguerre & Martín Pascual.               

Third man: José I. Araya.

Best Polo Argentine of the Match: Irenita Penca (Losmachitos Líbano x Irenita Pensante), played by  Pablo Mac Donough.

Nomination 1: Dolfina C06 Lapa – Clon 06 (Genetics Monarch / El Sol), played by Adolfo Cambiaso. 

Nomination 2: Irenita Musiquera (Irenita Músico x Margarita), played by Facundo Fernández Llorente. 


The Argentine Open resumes on Wednesday:

2pm: La Natividad vs Cría Yatay

4:30pm: Ellerstina vs La Albertina Abu Dhabi