My name is Sabrina Yael Cristofano, I’m Loida´s owner and creator , UBA’s Fashion Designer and I’m from Argentina.

Our brand was born back in 2006, dedicated to products manufactured 100% in cowhide by hands of our country.


After several years dedicated to it, and with many changes in my personal life, such as having become a mother, and start a veggie life, Loida has a beautiful and great twist, a return to nature, and an intense encounter with everything that is friendly to the environment , Everything natural, and a new discovery of natural fibers, and vintage world.


This is where our products become primarily woven into natural fibers, using natural and recycled raw materials, new objects and other vintage objects, different, re-signified and re-used.

We travel all year round for work and in every place we arrive, we look for these `unique treasures’, many are new and also many others may have had a previous life, we restored everything, we changed it, we modified it, and we gave it a new use, a new life.

This philosophy of life pushes us to be a responsible consumer and producer, with a sustainable brand, that is respectful with the environment, and contributes an ecological and social conscience.

Everything can be recycled, everything can be beautiful and reused again.

Our products are 100% handmade, and most of them are unique, that is, there is only one of them.


A trip that started in our lives as a family, and that influenced LOIDA in its entirety, going from being Loida Cueros to being Loida Naturals.


Welcome and hopefully you can feel and get infected with this beautiful green change  ♲

Small changes can make big differences.


Sabrina Yael Cristófano

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