The amercian Larry Aschebrook, habitue of Chantilly during the last seasons, specially during June, is another international player who goes back to France to participate in the first edition of the Polo Nations Cup, from June 8 to 18 at the Polo Club Domaine de Chantilly. The man behind Las Brisas Polo Club of Chicago will try to lift the coveted trophy: “We are looking forward to a very competitive tournament and hope to come out on top”, shares Larry.


It´s worth noting that another international aspect of Polo Nations Cup is that it was created as the countdown for the JJOO Paris 2024: “We hope that the Nations Cup will expedite the sport of polo back into the Olympic games for all countries to compete and enjoy for years to come. Thank you to the Federation of International Polo for supporting this event and a special thanks to the Chantilly Polo Club for hosting our team”.


Why have you decided to play the Nations Cup?Las Brisas Polo Club of Chicago is thrilled to be representing the United States in the Polo Nations Cup, it’s an honor to be a part of this historical tournament. We love having the opportunity to get the sport of Polo back into the Olympics. My daughters play polo, and their goal is to go to the Olympics someday. We are doing this for the future generations of polo.


How is your linking with the Polo Club Chantilly? This is not the first time you will be playing there.
This is our 5th trip t in Chantilly. The fields in Chantilly are some of the best I have ever played on. I have several friends who play in Europe, and I look forward to playing with and against them while enjoying the wonderful and friendly environment provided at the polo club.


How much do you enjoy going to France?
My family and my team look forward to going to France each year. This trip and tournament will be one of our highlights of our 2023 polo season.


What else have you done away from playing polo in the previous times you’ve been to Chantilly?
My family and I enjoy our time in France every summer. We love staying in the French countryside and spending time in Chantilly and Paris. After the finals of the Polo Nations Cup tournament, we will stay and travel around France.


How has it been your experience with the facilities and the fields of the club?
Benoit and team always make us feel welcome. My family and team members cherish the time we spent together at the clubhouse with the local polo community. The entire staff is amazing and they have treated us wonderfully over the years. The Polo Club of Chantilly is truly a worldclass facility, and we always feel very well taken care of and welcomed and of course the fields are great for playing. The icing-on-the-cake is the incredibly beautiful setting of the French countryside as well as the neighboring town of Chantilly.


You are playing again with the Obregon’s and Gutierrez’s. How important are they for your development in the sport?
I have been playing with the Obregon’s and Gutierrez’s for over 10 years. They are like family. They are very competitive, and we all play well together. They have been instrumental in the development of polo in my family not only for me but my daughters as well. We are very fortunate to have met them when we did. Unfortunately, this year I will not be playing with them. With the popularity and growth of our home club, Las Brisas Polo Club of Chicago, they need to stay back and support the needs of you growing membership base. With that being said,

I’m very excited to be playing with close friends whom I played with internationally many times. My team this year will be made up of my close friend and business partner Richard Harris along with Perdo Harrison and Adrian Laplacette.


Illinois Team: Larry Aschebrook 0, Richard Harris 0, Pedro Harrison 5, Adrián Laplacette 6.