Juan Bollini is one of the youngsters who is really breaking through at all levels of polo in the United States. But he is not only relevant in terms of what he does on the field, off the field he has been working alongside the US Polo Assn – the official apparel supplier of the USPA- for a couple of seasons now. He is also the Ambassador for the clothing brand, which has an important role in the development of US Polo.

On being Ambassador for US Polo Assn: “It’s a great honour to be the ambassador for US Polo Assn. It’s nice to see that this brand actually supports the sport of polo, it’s actually the only brand that it’s into polo that actually helps the sport. I’m very lucky to be part of it, I’m honoured to be representing the brand.”

On his role as ambassador for US Polo Assn: “I’ve been the ambassador for US Polo Assn since June of 2017, and it’s been a great experience. We’ve done a lot of things, it’s been a great journey with all the brand, and hoping for more years to come.”

On the role of US Polo Assn with the sport: “The US Polo Assn directly benefits the sport because part of the earnings that the brand makes go directly to the Association (USPA), which helps promote the sport, helps promote other clubs, other players, other sponsors. I’m very happy to be working alongside a brand that actually helps the sport of polo.”

On his thoughts on the brand: “I started being the ambassador for US Polo Assn after doing some photoshoots for the brand, then they told me that they wanted to do this program and I thought it was a great idea, first of all. I think the brand and the sport should combine and have someone to represent it, and I’m very lucky to be that person along with Ashley Busch. It all started after doing some photoshoots with them which were a lot of fun, alongside other friends of mine that play polo. And ever since then, I just created a great relationship with the brand, so I’m happy.”