“It feels amazing, in these moments you remember all the years of hard work. And now, to play this tournament, to reach the final, knowing how  difficult it is to make it… it is a great achievement for myself, my organisation, my parents, my friends, everybody who supports me. It’s great”. These are Diego Cavanagh’s words, one of the two brand new members of La Dolfina, alongside Francisco Elizalde, after the Cañuelas-based foursome qualified for the Tortugas Open final, the first leg of the coveted Argentine Triple Crown. A final that will not only see the derby of polo once again, but it will have a special taste for Diego, who will be playing his first ever final within the Triple Crown.


He remarks: “There is a long way to go, we are just starting. Of course it is amazing to be in this final, but we have to keep fighting, improving, getting better. It’s great to start like this, because it gives you motivation; but we have to keep going”.


But despite there will be significant changes in both team’s lineups, with Hilario Ulloa sidelined from Ellerstina due to an injury, the clash between these two great contenders in a final is always special; moreover, this is the 11th. consecutive Tortugas Open final for both teams, with La Dolfina aiming for the rematch after the Pieres’ team two-year reign. It will be indeed, in Diego’s words “a very tough challenge.  Ellerstina is a great team, a great organisation in terms of horses. I don’t know, just let’s see how it goes”.