The 2024 Gauntlet of Polo is coming to an end on Sunday April 21, with the final of the US Polo Open Championship. And there’s one player who will have the fondest memories of this season – Tomás Panelo. The 24-years-old Lobos-born 9-goaler, developed a steady growth in the latest years, strenghtening remarkable skills and ability within every team he has played with in different countries. Therefore, Palm Beach saw him at his best, consolidating his remarkable performance in the last Argentine season.


Tomás Panelo is currently playing The Gauntlet of Polo with Adolfo Cambiaso’s organisation, La Dolfina, in their debut in American high goal; and for a first year competing in such high level, it was not bad at all. They demonstrated they were up to the task – La Dolfina reached the three finals of the series: the CV Whitney Cup, the USPA Gold Cup and now, no less than the US Open. La Dolfina claimed the second leg, the USPA Gold Cup, under the name of La Dolfina/Tonkawa, by joining forces with American patron, Jeff Hildebrand. Therefore, their contenders in the three finals were and will be the same – Valiente.


“I played with La Dolfina for two years in Argentina, and this is my first time with tem in Palm Beach. I feel very comfortable with them, indeed”, Tomás told PoloLine. He adds: “I always felt at home within the organisation, it was a big opportunity for me”.


The final of the US Open will see the clash between father and son, once again – Valiente’s Adolfo Cambiaso and La Dolfina’s Poroto Cambiaso. “We fitted very well with Poroto, we play fast, passing the ball, we did a remarkable job that really pay off”, secures Tomás, who also have big praise for the third professional player of the team, the young Rufino Merlos, Agustín’s eldest son. “Rufino plays remarkably well; we already knew it. But he really surprised us all, the way he improved with every match. He is incredible!”.


A new final between Valiente and La Dolfina is coming up. What are your expectations?

Well, our expectations are to win, of course, and we are going to do our best in order to achieve our our goal. We know Valiente will do the same; they are a great team, so we are aware that we have a very tough match ahead.


Although they will go head-to-head once again, and on this occasion, in search for the most significant tournament of the United States, Tomas secures: “I will always be thankful to Adolfito and his organisation, in Argentina and the United States, for the opportunity they gave me”.


And he concludes: “To me, this marks a before and after in my career, and I think I was able to take profit of it”.



VALIENTE: Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Peke González 7, Paco de Narváez 5, Joaquín Vilgré Lamadrid 0. Total: 22.

LA DOLFINA: Alejandro Aznar 0, Rufino Merlos 3, Poroto Cambiaso 10, Tomás Panelo 9. Total: 22.

TIME: Sunday April 21, pm (US EST time).

FIELD: US Polo Assn. Field, National Polo Center.