There are many recongnitions among the remarkable awards a polo player is eligible to claim when competing in American high goal; awards that are even far and beyond from lifting a trophy of any tournament of the prestigious The Gauntlet of Polo. And without dobuts, one of the most anticipated moments of the US season is when the USPA presents awards to the best horses and name the year’s best horse string. In 2024, such achievement went to Paquito de Narvaez, who played horses from the Antu Walung breeding, that was started by his father, Paco de Narvaez, 10 years ago.


“This award is so good for both Paquito and me. All the mares are from our Antu Walung breeding, which makes the prize even nicer. With the exception of a mare from La Irenita, which I keep as a filly, all of them are made at our home, Sol de Agosto, from the embryo, breeding, tame, everything. There are a lot of people who work hard to make this possible”, told Paco de Narvaez to PoloLine.


About his thoughs on why he believes they obtained the awards, he remarks: “I think it was a very balanced string, powerful mares, smooth, with good physique. Those are the kind of horses I want to breed”.


What does it mean for to you, as a breeder, to have your horses playing in the most important tournaments around the world?

As a breeder, and before Paquito is able to play them, I always want to see if they are fit to be played by the best. Is the best way to know if you are in the correct path. I’ve always taken care personally of the mares I lent, in order to secure a high class horse string.


Which is the best part of horsebreeding?

The whole process of breeding a horse is incredible! Every step is very satisfying, but the best part is the last, when you start playing the horses.


2024 Awards

-Best String Outstanding Performance (best horse strinb): Paquito de Narváez, Antu Walung breeding.

-Horse of the year Award (Best Horse of the Year): Mega Big Bay. Player: Hilario Ulloa.

-Wembley Horse Excellence Award: Corcha. Player: Facundo Pieres.

-Best American Bred (Best American Horse): Corcha. Player: Facundo Pieres.