Sotogrande is getting ready for a new season, which will culminate with the 53rd Torneo Internacional de Polo as its pinnacle. The action will kick off on May 28th with different tournament options and levels and several events leading up to the major summer tournaments, as only this unique and special polo destination has to offer. The appointment with Sotogrande will be organized by Ayala Polo Club for the fourth consecutive year. 


Talking about Sotogrande is talking of the best polo fields in Europe, with works beginning the day after each season ends and naturally progressing throughout the year to ensure readiness for competitions. The weather, another highlight of Sotogrande, will also be one of the most enjoyable aspects since the first day of competition, Tuesday, May 28th, will mark the start of the Copa Bienvenida Ke Sotogrande. 


The constant pursuit of excellence by Ayala Polo Club in everything it does, combined with the attention to every detail, gives a unique support to the sport of polo in Sotogrande. It’s not just about a vast track record in tournament organization, which has taken Sotogrande to another level in the past three years, but also, above all, a historical connection of over 50 years and a world-class infrastructure that can host the most demanding polo organizations and teams. 


The series of tournaments leading up to the Torneo Internacional de Polo will consist of two levels: Medium (10 – 12 Goals) and Low Handicap (6 – 8). In the effort to continue consolidating an attractive and competitive proposal throughout the season, once again all those who participate in these tournaments will have the opportunity to play on the same fields and under the same conditions as the best players and teams in the world will do just a few weeks later. 


The offering in Sotogrande in May, June, and July will ultimately allow to take advantage of the benefits this unique place in the world has to offer: the best fields in Europe, an ideal weather, world-class international infrastructure, all combined in a location with an inexhaustible offering outside the polo fields: lifestyle, gastronomy, and the incomparable Mediterranean Sea. 


For more information on tournaments and registrations: 

Juan Goti 




  • Copa Bienvenida Ke Sotogrande (6-8 goals): May 28 – June 2
  • Copa Joseph McMicking (6-8 goals): June 6 – 16
  • Open de España (10-12 & 6-8 goals): June 20 – 30
  • Memorial Fundador Enrique Zobel (10-12 goals): July 4 – 14
  • Memorial Manuel Prado y Colón de Carvajal (6-8 goals): July 4 – 14



  • Copa de Bronce (20-22; 12-14 & 6-8 goals): July 22 – 27
  • Copa de Plata (20-22; 12-14 & 6-8 goals): July 29 – August 17
  • Copa de Oro (20-22; 12-14 & 6-8 goals): August 19 – 31


  • Copa San Enrique de Guadiaro (6-8 goals): September 5 – 8.
  • Copa Despedida (6-8 goals): September 12- 15.