Jaï Polo Team ran out the winners of the Campeonato de España Absoluto. The 6-8 goal tournament saw four teams compete from September 2-5. The qualification matches took place at Ayala Polo Club, while the semifinals were played at Santa Maria Polo Club.



Terralpa Cup
Düsseldorf 3 vs España 9


Campeonato de España Absoluto:

Jaï Polo 6-5 Electric Polo:

Jaï Polo: James Nuttal 0, Cruz Marchini 0, Ned Hine 4, Javier Guerrero Jr. 4.

Electric Polo: Sarah Braune 0, Alicia Gariador 0, Francisco Crotto 4, Fabian Bolanterio 4.

BPP: Picaro, played by Fabián Bolanteiro

Fair Play: Shara Braune

MVP: Cruz Marchini


Action at Sotogrande continues with the Copa Despedida, due to be played from September 9-12.