Thailand, Dubai, and the US—three places where the ball has started rolling and action has commenced! This first quarter of the year promises to be as intense as ever, bringing us inimitable, quality polo from around the globe. The World Polo Tour, the international rankings polo, will once again accompany the most important tournaments and events of the global circuit, keeping score tournament by tournament, month by month, highlighting the top moments of the season.


The most notable news is that the three tournaments that compose the World Polo League, which will host its second edition shortly, have been admitted into the ranking.


Several women’s tournament have also made their way into the Women’s World Polo Tour.


Here is the breakdown of the 2020 World Polo Tour:


  • MASTERS CATEGORY: No changes. The Argentine Open, Hurlingham Open, and Tortugas Open continue forming part of this elite section.


  • GRAND SLAM CATEGORY: No changes. This is made up of The US Open and the British Open Gold Cup.


  • WPT CHAMPIONSHIP CUP CATEGORY:  The USPA Gold Cup, the Dubai Gold Cup, The Queen’s Cup, and the Sotogrande Gold Cup have been awarded more points this year.


  • WPT CUP CATEGORY:  The Dubai Silver Cup moves up from the WPT Challenge Cup Category to the WPT Cup Category, but maintains the same point value. The East Coast Open will continue in this category, but with lower points.


  • WPT CHALLENGE CUP CATEGORY: The Campaña del Desierto Cup, The Founders Cup, the Palm Beach Open and The Triple Crown Of Polo enter the category. The latter three form part of the World Polo League. The International Polo Cup Saint Tropez, Challenge Cup UK, Prince of Wales Trophy, Thai Polo Open and the Thai Polo Cup Argentina remain in this category; all their points have been increased.


  • WOMEN’S WORLD POLO TOUR: The Houston Open, Pink Polo Cup Argentina, Ladies International Polo Tournament at Knepp Castle Polo Club, and the Ladies Polo Festival at Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club enter the category.  The value of the Guards Ladies Charity Polo Tournament has been raised, with 100 points to be awarded to the winners.


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