One of the most important auctions of the Argentine Season will be held on Friday, November 9, at 7pm, by Doña Sofia. The event, which marks the third edition of their auction, will be hosted at La Estrella (ruta 28).


Embryos of your choice

The auction promises several highlights, but the most prominent will be the sale of embryos of your choice from Doña Sofia’s group of clones, like Levicu, Polo Pureza, Sage, Ethel, Goldie, and Virolita, among others. This means that a buyer could choose a stallion, and Doña Sofia will produce a female embryo. The resulting filly will be given to the buyer the following year.

It is worth clarifying that the most prominent bloodline will come from Sage’s family. Sage, an American mare played by Benjamin Araya in the ‘90s, carries one of the most outstanding genetics in polo history, being the daughter and grand-daughter of many important American mares. Sage has impacted polo in Argentina through mares like Ethel, Easy Go, Little Wings, Red Cent, No Cent, and Uma, to just name a few. Further more, she was the first cloned horse where the clone (Show Me) later played polo.


Kheiron technology

Doña Sofía and Kheiron are two companies belonging to the same group. Doña Sofía became associated with Kheiron’s technology, acquiring genetics through agreements with several players and buying genes from important horses. Today, Kheiron is the most advanced laboratory in the world when it comes to the number of births and the healthy state of the horses bred, and it continue to breaks records. In terms of cloning, it is the most advanced laboratory in the world.

It is no secret that polo in Argentina has seen the biggest advancements when it comes to cloning, in both sporting and logistical terms. In fact, several stud farms, like La Dolfina, Los Machitos and Doña Sofía already use clones for reproduction with champion stallions and mares.

Internationally, cloning, as a fundamental tool for breeding and for promoting genetic advances, is becoming more accepted. Using clones in polo has also shown positive results — one just has to look at the Cuarteteras or Lapas playing the Triple Crown. Media repercussion can be seen around the world as the subject becomes more prominent.

The third edition of Doña Sofía’s auction will be held on November 9, at La Estrella, 7pm.

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