Los Pingos del Taita will be hosting their Online ‘Domadores’ Auction on Tuesday, November 23, at 8pm.  The event will be streamed live from Río Cuarto, Province of Córdoba, Argentina. Chief Executive Juan Cruz Magrini states that it is an ideal place, offering high quality services to deliver some of the best polo horses in the world. A multidisciplinary team, specialised in equine assisted reproduction, gather at the farm, displaying professionalism and a deep commitment to their job.

“We are established in Río Cuarto, Córdoba, a really fantastic place to breed and make horses,” Magrini told PoloLine. “We have a Los Pingos del Taita branch in Lagunas del Pilar, which is a very nice place, ideal for meetings and keeping the horses.”


When did Los Pingos del Taita start?

“We started around 17 years ago. I have always liked horses, and being in the countryside. Our aim was to provide the best services for horses, including our most important job: the embryo center. We also house polo ponies, take care of foals, tame horses. We have our own breeding, too, which culminates in our ‘Domadores’ Auction.”


This year will be the tenth edition of the auction, making it even more special. “We came up with the idea of creating an auction about 12 years ago,” Juan Cruz says. “We set out to do something different in the business. There were several auctions back then, and we thought it could be a great opportunity for us, too. We decided to go ahead with it, and it has been a great success.”

The breeding and many services provided by Los Pingos del Taita attracted many leading players and renowned horse breeders, not only from Argentina, but also from overseas. “We have several clients, including high goal players, but we also aim to attract players of all levels,” says Magrini. “We might have a client who wants to buy a mare and wonders what to do with the horse. So we provide them with a complete service in order to make the horse better so as to be able to play anywhere in the world. We make the horse for the client. The idea is to provide each client with a complete service, which means solving problems.”


How many stallions and donors do Los Pingos del Taita have, and how has the centre evolved over the years?

“We have between 20 to 30 stallions, from different bloodlines, in Río Cuarto. They are all playing the Triple Crown. We aim to buy from the best bloodlines in the world, both for the auction and to play. I think that is the most important thing.

In terms of our evolution as breeders, we have grown a lot 0ver the years. It is remarkable for us to have our breed play all over the world, and being awarded several prizes. We aim at all markets. The dream is to have one of our mares play the Argentine Open final one day, but we also want to attract medium goal and low goal players. Our objective is to give our clients a horse that is able to play at different levels.”