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Opinion is unanimous – the Castagnola brothers – Bartolito and Jeta – sons of polo legend, Lolo, and his wife, Camila Cambiaso, are the sport’s biggest sensation. The boys dove into the spotlight in 2019 when they won the British Open Gold Cup in their first year competing. Later in the year, once in Argentina and playing for La Natividad, they qualified for the Argentine Open and captured the hearts of polo fans around the world. They performance secured them a place in the 2020 Triple Crown.


About Krono

Camila Mejía Posada

Krono Polo was established in 2019 by Colombian-born Camila Mejía Posada with the aim of attract the best in the sport. Mejía Posada, who lives in England, studied engineering until she decided to move to fashion design. She worked in the design, production and retail industry for ten years, until she was able to set up a polo lifestyle brand combining her two passions: Fashion and polo. 

Originally, Krono started as a contemporary watch strap brand in 2017, aimed at attracting the attention of young polo players. Then, Mejía Posada developed a collection called Krono Polo, a line that offers high quality, yet fashionable, polo equipment. The collection combines design and technology, while being contemporary and accessible. So far it has received extremely positive feedback from customers all over the world.



The brand aims to mix contemporary living with a traditional, elite sport, with professional Argentine players who have passed on the polo legacy on through generations. Polo represents a lifestyle – spectators who attend the matches wear very informal and comfortable clothing. That’s why Krono Polo decided to make trendy polo equipment and casual/streetwear clothing aimed at the younger generation. 


Milly Hine | Ph. O. Jauretche

Milly Hine, Ed Banner Eve, Lerin Zubiarre and James Man are among the Brand Ambassadors, while several young guns also wear Krono’s products – such as the Castagnola brothers, Juan Britos, Iñaki and Cristian Laprida, Benjamín Urquiza, Tom Morley, Max Chalton, Mia Cambiaso, HIllario Ulloa, Facundo Sola, and Tomás Beresford.


What the Ambassadors and players have in common is that they are young and have striking personalities. They all travel the world and are happy, positive people, exactly what Krono Polo represents – young people who feel confident, comfortable, and are able to perform at their best during the games. Moreover, they are all friends and form a big family within Krono Polo.




In terms of the products, Krono Polo started making gloves in 2019. The gloves are designed from a light material that does not become stiff after coming in contact with water or sweat, and the grip holds no matter the weather condition. The gloves were followed by polo trousers, the brand’s best sellers, made of stretchy cotton drill without inner leg seam for maximum comfort, as well as socks, elbow pads, team shirts, casual wear, kit and mallet bags, saddlery, boots, knee-pads, caps, team wear, and fitness clothes.


Iñaki Laprida | Ph. O. Jaureche

Krono also makes HPA approved safety helmets, made from two carbon fibre shell and a crushable aluminium honeycomb between them, in place of polystyrene. This works as a much more effective crumple zone and the deceleration in impact results were significantly ahead of any other helmet on the market. The material is more commonly used for the crumple zones in Formula 1 cars. It is incredibly lightweight and allows air to flow around the helmet making it much cooler for the rider to wear and they are HPA approved. Polo players love customising their helmets with prints from their favourite bands, cartoons, cool patterns, and bright colours, and they easily identify with the band’s image by using Krono Polo’s streetwear line.



Krono Polo is a modern polo brand that gives players the possibility of wearing high quality, fashionable products. All products can be shipped internationally via the website – – and social media.


“Polo is an exciting sport, full of adrenaline,” shares Mejía Posada. “Polo clubs bring people together on weekends tin a relaxing way, so you can wear a pair of jeans, a hoodie, cap, sunglasses, and trainers, and drive to your polo club, being casual and comfortable, the feeling you get on the field when you bump into all the members and players. Polo is a small world that allows you to be yourself, dressing up is actually not what polo is about. Polo has been a traditional sport for hundreds of years, but today it is full of cool kids that hang out together in their practice outfits, so Krono Polo offers them the possibility to look cool and trendy.”


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