A new high-goal season has just finished in Dubai, with three amazing tournaments played for the Dubai Gold Cup Series at Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club. Mohammed Al Habtoor spoke to PoloLine about the Club, the impact it has had on the region in terms of polo, and more. It is worth remembering that in 2015, there was nothing but sand and wind; three years on, and the location has become a unique resort, with world class facilities and polo fields.

“What we created here is not for me only; I made it for the whole polo community. I saw lot of entrances from lots of patrons, lots of players in this area and we didn’t have enough fields. I didn’t make this as a polo club, I made the whole community with the residences, the hotel, equestrian departments for show jumping, dressage, which is very successful, polo academy, riding school. The whole resort is occupied, hotel is busy, villas are all full,” shared Mohammed Al Habtoor.

He continues: “You see a lot of activities around. It’s not like you come only in the afternoon and you enjoy the polo. Actually, the whole day gets activities here. People who don’t know the Al Habtoor Polo Resort, when they come here, it’s beyond their imagination what we have created here. It’s not only for Dubai, but for the whole region.”

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