The perfect pairing. That’s the way the relationship between Adolfo Cambiaso-Dolfina Cuartetera has been named on several occasions. Dolfina Cuartetera, or simply, la Cuartetera, has passed away in the night on May 4, following a pneumonia she wasn’s able to overcome, leaving endless memories and a legacy which will live on forever in this sport. She was born on February 3 2001, genetics Lambada-Sportiva and La Dolfina bred, and she left an incomparable mark, that continues through her clones. Not only made a remarkable impact in terms of sports but also she have been awarded several times in the Argentine Triple Crown.


Visibly moved for the loss, Adolfo Cambiaso told to Pololine:  “It is a very sad moment indeed, very painful for me, poor thing. She was a total genious; she was Messi, Maradona, what can I tell you?”.


“I am very, very sad. She will be remembered forever, whe was spoilt by the whole family. I was very lucky to have been with her, to share so many important games and finals; those games she played for me. There are so many stories. Every time she rode onto the field, she played 11 points, never 10, but 11. She was a docile mare, easy to care, anyone could be able to play her. I’ve been lucky to see Mia and Poroto playing her, and not many more.


Definetly, she is the best mare I’ve ridden in my entire career. And, in addition, she was voted by all the 10-goalers to enter the Hall of Fame, what else can I say?”


Santiago Ballester, President of the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Association, stated: “Cuartetera is an iconic mare of Argentine polo; when we launched our Hall of Fame, she has been voted by all the 10-goalers as the number 1. She herself and her descendants represent the spirit of the Association in terms of the available technologies to improve polo ponies. Besides, she had an extra value by being the mother of some remarkable stallions, which is something very difficult to achieve!”.



Born: February 3, 2001.

Genétics: Lambada x Sportivo.

Colour: Chestnut.

Placed #1 in the Hall of Fame of Polo Argentino Bred (voted in 2017 by the 37 10-goalers).

Lady Susan Townley Cup: 2009, 2010 y 2014.

Best Polo Argentino Bred, final of the Argentine Open: 2006, 2009 y 2012.

Best Polo Argentino Bred Final Hurlingham Open: 2012.



Dolfina Cuartetera Clon 04:

Hurlingham Open:

-Best Horse of the final –  AAP Award: 2019.


Dolfina Cuartetera Clon 05:

Tortugas Open:

-Best Polo Argentino: 2017.

-BPP of the final: 2017.


Dolfina Cuartetera Clon 06:

Tortugas Open:

-Best Polo Argentino: 2016.

-BPP of the Final: 2016.

Hurlingham Open:

-Best Polo Argentino of the final Final: 2022.

Argentine Open:

-Lady Susan Townley Cup: 2019.

-Best Polo Argentino: 2020.


Dolfina Cuartetera Clon 09:

Argentine Open:

-BestPolo Argentino: 2017.

-Lady Susan Townley Cup: 2017 y 2020.

-APHA Award(American Polo Horse Association): 2019.