New triple matchday at the Ylvisaker Cup
New triple matchday at the Ylvisaker CupNew triple matchday at the Ylvisaker Cup

New triple matchday at the Ylvisaker Cup

Solid debut by last year's finalist, Valiente

January 29, 2017
January 29, 2017
The 2017 Ylvisaker Cup resumed its activity on Saturday with a new triple matchday.

In the early game, Coca-Cola let the fizz out and shut out Villa del Lago twice 4-0 in the first two chukkers to lead 8-0 and was leading 9-2 at the turn. Hilario Ulloa was very active in the second chukker, and Villa del Lago made a great comeback to within three, 11-8 scoring with a beautiful near side neck shot from 77 yards with a lot of reverse English. But Coca-Cola was vigilant, Julio Arellano scoring three goals for Coca-Cola’s win 14-8.

Score Coca-Cola: 4-0. 8-0. 9-2. 9-3. 11-7. 14-8.
Top Scorer Coca-Cola: Julio Arellano (9).
Top Scorer Villa del Lago: Hilario Ulloa (6).

The second game pitted two very young teams, no one on Horseware/Tackeria probably older than 26 years old. A very well played game with a lot of young talent on the field, the play back and forth, though from the start Horseware/Tackeria seemed to take better advantage of their effort outscoring Equine Liquid Biocell 7-2 in the first two chukkers (with two goals on handicap). The third was equal, 3 goals each, Horseware/Tackeria up by 4, 10-6, at the turn. Starting the second half, the quartet of Horseware/Tackeria seemed to open all the doors, 2 goals by Mariano Gracida and Tommy Collingwood made it 12-6 in the fourth, and three more by Juan Martin Obregon and Collingwood (2) made it 15-6, Horseware/Tackeria winning 17-7.

Score Horseware/Tackeria: 5-2, 7-3, 10-6, 12-6, 15-6, 17-7.
Top Scorer Horseware/Tackeria: Juan Martín Obregon (8).
Top Scorer Equine Liquid Biocell: Jared Zenni (4).

The third game of the day had Mt. Brilliant meeting Valiente I at Valiente with the debut in 2017 for Adolfo Cambiaso after beating Ellerstina in the final of the Argentine Open. Valiente I playing a cool, super game to lead 6-1 at the half, 9-2 in the fourth. Mt. Brilliant never stopped trying, pushing to the end, Valiente the winner 10-5.

Score Valiente I: 3-0, 5-0, 6-1, 9-2, 9-3, 10-5.
Top Scorer Valiente I: Adolfo Cambiaso (6).
Top Scorer Mt. Brilliant: Jason Crowder (3).

The Ylvisaker Cup will continue on Sunday as follows:
3pm: Tonkawa vs. Travieso