• Charlie Hanbury with Pololine

  • Charlie Hanbury with Pololine

  • Charlie Hanbury with Pololine

Charlie Hanbury with Pololine
Charlie Hanbury with PololineCharlie Hanbury with Pololine

Charlie Hanbury with Pololine

It’s great fun to have tournaments at the club and it helps promote polo in the Lobos area

September 19, 2017
September 19, 2017
Charlie Hanbury comes back to Argentina after a great season in England: his team El Remanso, reached the semifinals of the Queen’s Cup and the final of the Gold Cup. The english player is now getting ready for another thrilling season at El Remanso, where he will held the two traditional tournaments at the Club based in Lobos.

Hanbury spoke to Pololine about his current achievements and his expectations for the upcoming months:

How does it feel to have had such a wonderful season in the UK with El Remanso?
It was great to get to the semis of the Queen’s Cup and then to the final of the Gold Cup. I’m really happy and proud of everyone in the organisation. It’s amazing, there’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes, with the managers, grooms, truck drivers, vets - everyone has been absolutely incredible. I’m really happy with the season.

Why do you think the team performed so well in UK?
It was our second year together, we knew each other a lot better, we spent part of the small season in Argentina playing together. We also had a personal trainer that helped us with fitness, we were fit and stronger, and also changed all our diets, we improved our performances which was great, and then we all invested in more horses which made a huge difference.

What can you tell about the growth of the Lovelocks breeding?
The breeding is going really well, we’ve got some fantastic horses coming through for the future. This year we had 18 playing the high goal in England. We took some of the younger ones to Saint Tropez, which hopefully will stand up for next season; we’ve got some very exciting horses for the future.

What do you think about your personal level this season?
Personally, I’m happy with the way I played. Playing with friends is always fun, and I really enjoyed the year. I played on lots of homebred horses, and with friends, it’s great, it’s the dream.

Why did you decided to held once again the El Remanso Cup and Lovelocks Cup in Argentina?
Beacuse It’s great fun to have tournaments at the club and it helps promote polo in the Lobos area. We feel that’s very important, obviously the more people who comes to the area the better. They’re going to be a good couple of tournaments. The Copa Lovelocks Polo Stud in December will have four unbroken 2-year old Lovelocks fillies as prizes. So, exciting prospects for people to come and try to win a horse!

What does Lobos mean to you?
Lobos is my home in Argentina. It’s a great town, great place, polo is growing there, we’ve got lots of polo fields coming up around the area, great guys. It’s an up-and-coming place to be in the polo world.  

What do you think about the new separate handicap system in the UK?
I think it’s an awful idea. I find the whole thing very odd; we have a sport that’s very difficult for people to understand when they come and watch. Trying to explain to people that they’ve got different handicaps at different levels - I find it crazy. Personally, I think they should’ve put lots of people down instead of saying: 'I’ll have one handicap here and one handicap there’. But let’s see what happens.

How was your stay in Saint Tropez, in terms of polo?
Saint Tropez is a lot of fun. Last time I played there was in 2004 and it has changed a lot since then. It’s an incredible place and Alshair (Fiyaz) is without a doubt one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He is building an absolutely incredible set up there. I think polo in Saint Tropez is a very exciting prospect for the future with Alshair in charge; he’s improved the grounds, stables, everything. It was an absolute pleasure to be there and I can’t thank him enough.

COPA EL REMANSO (14-16 Goals): October 17-28.
COPA LOVELOCKS POLO STUD (8-12 Goals): November 28- December 9.