Andrey Borodin talks to Pololine
Andrey Borodin talks to PololineAndrey Borodin talks to Pololine

Andrey Borodin talks to Pololine

"If I do something, I want to be at the top"

July 20, 2017
July 20, 2017
What a season it has been so far for Park Place. Their first year playing the 18 goal, and winning the Apsley Cup at Cirencester. But the week before, they won one of the most prestigious 15-goal tournaments in the United Kingdom: the Royal Windsor at Guards Polo Club. Andrey Borodin, patron of Park Place, spoke to Pololine about their amazing season and upcoming projects.

On the current successful season for Park Place: "It’s a game and this is a team; it is different to every other extreme sport. As a child, I grew up in the Soviet Union and our national sport was ice hockey; I think polo is quite similar to ice hockey - you are just doing the same on the horse. So, I’m probably feeling like an ice hockey player now!" 

On playing this level for the first time: "It was challenging because I had not played summer tournaments before, and it was the first time going onto the field and trying to get more involved. It was not easy but I’m quite happy with what I learnt, and I hope I was more helpful this year."

On his plans in polo: "My philosophy is always if you are doing something, do it right; I’m not one to compromise. If I want to do something, I want to be on top, I want to win and I want to have all the components which help me to win. That means good players, good horses, good coach, good support and good organisation. Always try to buy and have the best of what you can have on the market."

On playing the high-goal next year: "We definitely would like to play the high-goal, it depends pretty much on handicaps because I would like to have a competitive team. The team should have a chance for next year. I really would like to have two of the guys playing with me now for next year. But, again, it is a question of handicaps. I think you need to do some kind of "lobbying" so as not to over stretch our team handicap." 

On his polo project: "We are currently building proper polo facilities: good stables, an exercise track, polo fields and arena. I think it will have everything we need for next year."

On winning the Royal Windsor and the Apsley Cup: "I think they are both very competitive. To win the Royal Windsor we had to go through the two penalty shootouts! It doesn’t mean that our team dominated - is a tournament. I would rather say were a little luckier than other teams. Especially if you go for two penalty shootouts, it is like the lottery. You can not be sure that you will do what you want to do. We had two very tight games: we won the semifinal and final by only half a goal. That means we are properly handicapped and it is probably just our time to be winners."

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