IPC 26 and 20-Goal Season
IPC 26 and 20-Goal SeasonIPC 26 and 20-Goal Season

IPC 26 and 20-Goal Season

Valiente claim USPA Butler Handicap title and remain undefeated

March 12, 2018
March 12, 2018
The finals of the Butler Handicap, second tournament of the 26 goal season, were held at International Polo Club, Wellington, USA, on Sunday, as were the semifinals of the 20 goal Iglehart Cup. 

The main 26 goal clash saw Valiente take on Colorado in a second consecutive final, just like they did in the CV Whitney Cup seven days prior. Colorado got off to a great start, making the most of their one goal handicap advantage. They fought well against Valiente, team which boasts Adolfo Cambiaso and Facundo Pieres, the two best players in the world.

Facundo and Adolfo scored the first two goals of the match, but Diego Cavanagh and Magoo Laprida each converted to close the period 3-2 in favour of Colorado. Rob Jornayvaz’s team kept a firm grip over Valiente, and after a couple of intense chukkas, they made it to half time 6-4 up, maintaining the advantage over father Bob’s team. 

Facundo Pieres opened the second half with a flurry of goals, and Valiente achieved a 7-6 lead. With only two chukkas left to play, the thought of an extra chukka did not seem too far fetched. But the Ellerstina front man came through to show his reliability and determination, scoring two goals to widen their advantage. Colorado seemed unable to score, and the offensive tactics seen in the first half disappeared. 

Valiente were able to keep control in the final chukka, even though Colorado finally did manage to score a couple of goals. Their efforts were not enough, however, and Valiente won their second 26 goal tournament of the 2018 season. They now prepare to continue their winning streak in the USPA Gold Cup.

Facundo Pieres: "I think we played better as a team today, especially after half time. We are improving. Today we looked for each other on the field and we passed the ball well. We made several good plays. I think we have better rhythm and we are improving with every game. Our objective is to continue winning and to enjoy every moment.”

Magoo Laprida: "I think we played well in the first half. We were good in defence and attack. The second half was really tough. Facundo scored a couple of goals and then they started to get the ball. They are an amazing team.”


Valiente: Bob Jornayvaz 2, Tommy Beresford 4, Facundo Pieres 10 (6 goals), Adolfo Cambiaso 10 (5). Total: 26.
Colorado: Robert Jornayvaz 1, Juan Britos 7 (1 goal), Magoo Laprida 8 (4), Diego Cavanagh 9 (2). Total: 25.
Score Colorado: (0-1) 2-3, 4-4, 4-6, 7-6, 9-6, 11-8.
MVP: Adolfo Cambiaso.
BPP: Tanita, played by Adolfo Cambiaso.


Daily Racing Form-DRF Bets: Agustin Obregon 5 (5 goals), Jared Zenni 5 (4), Hilario Ulloa 10 (3), Mariano Obregon 6 (3). Total: 26.
Grand Champions Polo Club: Grant Ganzi 2 (1 goal), Juancito Bollini 4 (1), Rodrigo Andrade 9, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8 (3). Total: 23.
Score DRF-Bets: (0-3) 4-5, 4-7, 7-9, 10-10, 14-10, 16-10.
MVP: Jared Zenni.
BPP: Lavinia Candileja, owned by Hilario Ulloa.


The International Polo Club also hosted the semifinals of the Iglehart Cup, where La Indiana beat Goose Creek and Pilot did the same with Coca-Cola. They will face on Wednesday.

La Indiana: Michael Bickford 2, Toro Ruiz 5 (5 goals), Facundo Obregon 6 (1), Jeff Hall 7 (3). Total: 20.
Goose Creek: Maureen Brennan 1, Peke González 5 (1 goal), Mariano González 7 (4), Matías Magrini 7. Total: 20.
Score La Indiana: 4-1, 4-1, 5-1, 6-1, 8-3, 9-6.

Pilot: Curtis Pilot A, Timmy Dutta 1, Gonzalito Pieres 9 (6 goles), Facundo Pieres 10 (7). Total: 20.
Coca-Cola: Gillian Johnston 2 (1 gol), Sugar Erskine 6 (2), Nacho Novillo Astrada 8 (2), Steve Krueger 4 (5). Total: 20.
Progresión Pilot: 1-2, 6-3, 8-4, 9-7, 11-9, 13-10.

Action at International Polo Club continues as follows:
USPA GOLD CUP (26 goals)
1pm: Audi vs. Tonkawa
4pm: Daily Racing Form vs. Colorado

IGLEHART CUP (20 goals)
Final: La Indiana vs Pilot

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