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The HPA announced new membership fees

February 12, 2018
February 12, 2018
To become a member of the HPA, an individual will need to go to the Direct membership platform to pay their HPA subscription for the 2018 season. All 2017 members for whom the HPA have e-mail addresses for will also be sent an e-mail with the link to the direct membership platform once the site is live.

Key Highlights are:
-An individual will pay their own HPA fee which is calculated according to their handicap, as well as ensuring their contact information is correct.
-Members will select which club they are a member at or about to become a member at.
-The selected club will be sent an e-mail inform the club a member has joined the HPA and nominated their club. Clubs will need to confirm the member has also joined their club.
-Members will be sent a confirmation e-mail of their membership status and will also become live on the website once they have joined both the HPA and a club.
-Members are not allowed to play until they have joined both the HPA and a HPA affiliated or provisionally affiliated club.
-Players may join either the HPA or a club first, the order is not important, but they have to join both before they can play.
-If a member does pay their club membership and HPA subscription directly to the club the club will be able to log onto the HPA direct membership platform and add members of their club.
-However the club will have to pay the HPA subscription fee at the time of adding or updating each member to the platform.
-This method would create more admin for the club which it was hoped the direct membership platform, would reduce.
-The HPA do not recommend clubs accept members HPA fee, but rather direct them to the HPA membership platform.
-Please also note the Membership fees include arena membership. However before a member plays in the arena they must select an arena club.

*The platform is in the final stage of testing and once the finer details have been confirmed we will be sending a user guide to clubs and members in early March.