McLaren Silver Cup: Day 2
McLaren Silver Cup: Day 2McLaren Silver Cup: Day 2

McLaren Silver Cup: Day 2

First wins for Mahra & Wolves

January 30, 2018
January 30, 2018
Mahra Polo and Wolves Polo claimed great victories in today’s matches for the McLaren Cup, the opening tournament of the 18 goal Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series, at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club.

Mahra Polo defeated Bin Drai by a narrow 6.5 goals to 6, while Wolves Polo beat UAE Polo 10-7. So far, every team in the tournament has shown a competitive streak. In the first game of the day, the half goal handicap difference in favor of Mahra was decisive for the win against. In their McLaren Cup debut, both teams gave a good performance. They will surely be tough opponents for throughout the season.

Mahra Polo Team: Rashid Al Habtoor 0, Benjamin Urquiza 5 (2 goals), Isidro Strada 6 (4), Jero del Carril 6. Total: 17
Bin Drai: Rashid Bin Drai 1, Andres Laplacette 4 (2 goals), Matias Torres Zavaleta 7, Raúl Laplacette 6 (4). Total: 18.
Score Mahra Polo: 1.5-1, 2.5-2, 5.5-3, 5.5-4, 6.5-6.

In the second match of the day, Wolves Polo achieved a great victory against UAE Polo by 10 goals to 7, with a performance that neared perfection. Wolves' teamwork was fundamental to claim the win against a really tough opponent like UAE Polo, which boasts 10 goal superstar Polito Pieres in the team. 

After a close first half, Habtoor Al Habtoor’s Wolves raised their game gain a three goal advantage by the beginning of the second half. Although UAE Polo cameback in the fourth chukka (7-6), Wolves managed to keep control of the play and and score three more goals in the last seven minutes of the match to secure the final 10-7 victory.

Wolves Polo Team: Habtoor Al Habtoor 1 (2 goals), Matias Diego Gonzales 2 (2), Ezequiel Martínez Ferrario 8 (5), Manuel Crespo 7 (1). Total: 18.
UAE Polo Team: HH Sheikha Maitha 0, Pablo Avalos 2 (1 goal), Polito Pieres 10 (5), Matias Benoit 6 (1). Total: 18.
Score Wolves Polo: 3-2, 4-3, 7-4, 7-6, 10-7.

The McLaren Cup continues next Thursday, February 1, with a game between Habtoor Polo & Bin Drai Polo on ground two at Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club.

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All matches will be streamed live on Pololine TV via Polocam.

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