Joe Barry Memorial Cup
Joe Barry Memorial CupJoe Barry Memorial Cup

Joe Barry Memorial Cup

La Indiana qualify for semifinals; draw set for Sunday

January 19, 2018
January 19, 2018
Two Joe Barry Memorial Cup games were played on Wednesday and one on Thursday. 

On Wednesday, Coca-Cola faced Pilot in what was a very tight match. Coca-Cola took the first big advantage of the game in the fourth chukka (6-4). But the Pieres brothers came through for Pilot to tie the game 6-all. However, Julio Arellano scored his fourth goal of the afternoon to give Coca-Cola the lead again. Neither team managed to score in the last chukka, and Coca-Cola claimed the important win.

Coca-Cola: Gillian Johnston 2, Sugar Erskine 6 (2 goals), Julio Arellano 8 (4), Steve Krueger 4 (1). 
Pilot: Curtis Pilot A, Facundo Pieres 10 (4 goals), Gonzalo Pieres 9 (1), Timmy Dutta 1 (1). 
Score Coca-Cola: 1-1, 2-3, 4-3, 6-4, 7-6, 7-6.


Two of the best teams in the competition so far went head to head, to fight for a spot in the semifinals. It was a very tight game. Travieso took the first advantage in the opening chukka (2-0). But a great comeback by La Indiana gave Michael Bickford’s team the lead (4-2).    

La Indiana reached halftime leading by one, but Sebastian Merlos, top scorer of the competition, was there to tie the game 9-all in the fourth. From then on, both teams exchanged goals, taking the match into overtime (12-12). In the first minute of extra chukka, Facundo Obregon scored the winning goal for La Indiana, sending his team into the semifinals.

La Indiana: Michael Bickford 2, Toro Ruiz 5 (4 goals), Facundo Obregon 6 (6), Jeff Hall 7 (3).
Travieso: Teo Calle 1 (1 goal), Tony Calle 3 (1), Sebastian Merlos 9 (6), Tomás García del Río 7 (4).
Score La Indiana: 4-2, 6-5, 9-8, 9-9, 10-10, 12-12, 13-12.


On Thursday, Goose Creek and Postage Stamp were looking for their first win in the Joe Barry Memorial. The match saw a great performance by Mariano Gonzalez, in a new season playing for Goose Creek. Maureen Brennan’s team took a great advantage in the fifth after scoring ten consecutive goals (11-3). 

From then on, Goose Creek controlled the game to claim an important 12-7 win. The semifinal draw is due on Sunday, after group stages are complete.

Goose Creek: Maureen Brennan 1 (2 goals), Peke González 5 (4), Mariano González 7 (5), Matías Magrini 7 (1).
Postage Stamp: Annabelle Gundlach A, Brandon Phillips 5 (5 goals), Mariano Aguerre 9, Kris Kampsen 6 (2).
Score Goose Creek: 1-1, 1-3, 5-3, 10-3, 11-5, 12-7.

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Coca-Cola vs Pilot
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The Joe Barry Memorial Cup will continue on Sunday with the following order of play:
10am: Travieso vs Tonkawa
10am: Colorado vs Postage Stamp
12pm: VDL/Modere vs Goose Creek
12pm: Grand Champions Polo Club vs Pilot
3pm: Coca Cola vs SD Farms

All matches will be streamed live on Pololine TV via