HPA National Club Championships
HPA National Club ChampionshipsHPA National Club Championships

HPA National Club Championships

GA Polo Holidays: First semifinalist of the Arena Polo event

January 16, 2018
January 16, 2018
The HPA National Club Championships (Arena Polo tournament) kicked off on Thursday at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. The competition features a total of five 15 goals teams and is played under the Arena Polo HPA rules. The event will come to an end on January 21. After winning their two matches, GA Polo Holidays became the first semifinalist of the competition.

The scores so far have been as follows:
Four Quarters 16-17 GA Polo Holidays
Tchogan 15-12 VPS Healthcare Sifani
VPS Healthcare Sifani 17-21 Regal Warriors
GA Polo Holidays 18-16 Tchogan

The HPA National Club Championships continue on Wednesday:
12:15pm: Regal Warriors v Four Quarters

Thursday, January 18:
1:30pm: Penalty Shoot-Out (If necessary).
Friday, January 19:
12:30pm: 1st vs 4th
1:45pm: 2nd vs 3rd
Sunday, January 21:
11am: Subsidiary Final
2pm: Final

VPS Healthcare Sifani: Hilali Noordeen 1, Mikey Henderson 6, Ryan Pemble 8. Total: 15.
Four Quarters: Simon Arber 1, Richard Tyrone 8, Tom Morley 6. Total: 15.
Tchogan: Heiko Voelker 2, Howard Smith 6, Sebastian Dawnay 7. Total: 15.
Regal Warriors: Raph Singh 2, Grant Collett 4, Chris Hyde 9. Total: 15.
GA Polo Holidays: Eric Appen 2, Ed Morris-Lowe 5, Nacho Gonzalez 8. Total: 15.