X La Aguada Ladies Cup
X La Aguada Ladies CupX La Aguada Ladies Cup

X La Aguada Ladies Cup

Matryoshka beat Queenstown and close the season at La Aguada Polo Club

December 11, 2017
December 11, 2017
Matryoshka beat Queenstown 7 goals to 6 to claim the X La Aguada Ladies Cup, the women's tournament that closes the intense HSBC Spring Season at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door.

MVP: Hazel Jackson 
Fair Play: Marie Garnier 

La Amistad Polo claimed the Subsidiary Cup after beating Hamburg Polo Power 5-4.

Four teams up to 14-goals took part in the competition:

Matryoshka: Zhanna Bandurko 0, Raya Sidorenko 1, Camila Rossi 5, Hazel Jackson 8. Total: 14.
Queenstown Polo: Marie Godnier 0, Lynly Fong 2, Rebecca Walters 3, Lia Salvo 9. Total: 14.
La Amistad Polo: Sofía Scuitto 1, Ginevra D’Orazio 3, Annabel MacNaught-Davies 6, Stephanie Haverhals 3. Total: 13.
Hamburg Polo Power: Suzanne Rosenkranz 0, Billie Mascart 2, Mia Novillo Astrada 2, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 13.

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