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2017 Triple Crown
2017 Triple Crown2017 Triple Crown

2017 Triple Crown

Top 5 players of the season

December 7, 2017
December 7, 2017
An intense Triple Crown has come to an end, one filled with surprises, news, and a new format of ten teams. Pololine has chosen its Top 5 players of what was undoubtably a fantastic polo season. La Dolfina claimed the Argentine Open Championship for a fifth year in a row, but we must not forget Ellerstina’s success in winning their second consecutive Hurlingham Open title. La Dolfina were victorious in Tortugas, but the biggest shock of the season came when Alegria beat them in the Hurlingham Open semifinals. For all their achievements, both personally and in a team setting, our Top 5 are:

1) Adolfo Cambiaso: The La Dolfina player was instrumental in the final of the Argentine Open, and came through when his team needed him most. In other finals, his teammates shone, but this match saw Cambiaso come through in full force. His clones were also a hot topic of conversation. First in Tortugas, just like last year, where one of his clones was prized in the final. This time it was Cuartetera Clone 05. In the final of the Open, Cuartetera Clone 09 was honoured with the Lady Susan Townley Cup and was also chosen as the Best Argentine Product. A historic moment; and if that wasn’t enough, the win marked Cambiaso’s fourteenth title in Palermo. 

2) Polito Pieres: Ellerstina’s frontman not only had his best season since joining his cousins’ team, but he once again became the determined, decisive player we saw take Alegria to the Open final in 2013. He was named MVP of the Hurlingham Open final, where he came through in crucial moments. He scored the defining goals in the semifinals of Hurlingaham and Palermo, and he was Ellerstina’s most outstanding player in the Open final. His return to 10 goals looks imminent. 

3) Juan Martín Nero: While he wasn’t at his best in the Open final, the Trenque Lauquen local managed to shine anyway. He scored the golden goal in extra chukka to give La Dolfina the Open title. However, Nero was consistently good throughout the seaso and he claimed one of the most outstanding prizes: Best Mounted of the Argentine Open. While he many not have as many horses as other top players, he definitely has three or four which qualify in the top ten ranking of best polo horses in the world. 

4) Sapo Caset: The Lobos local had a year to remember, even better than 2015 when he played for La Aguada and reached ten goals. He played 10 goals this season and continued to demonstrate his quality and mental strength, particularly in the semifinal of the Argentine Open, when he was solid with his penalties. He was Alegria’s secret weapon, fundamental in the triumph against La Dolfina in Hurlingham.

5) Fred Mannix: After a few years struggling to find his best level of play, this season the Canadian proved to be one of the best backs in the world. He was also key in scoring important goals. Firm and precise, showing timing in defence, Alegria’s captain showed his skills and was able to beat the best in the world. We bet he will go back up to 9 goals.