2017 Technopolo Cup
2017 Technopolo Cup2017 Technopolo Cup

2017 Technopolo Cup

Los Nocheros claim win

November 23, 2017
November 23, 2017
The Technopolo Cup 2017 kicked off on Wednesday at Technopolo Club, located in General Rodriguez. The tournament features 10 teams up to 12 goals in competition. The current edition is organised by Minuto Siete and Licere PR. 

La Berta 6.5-11 Antelope 
El Rosario de Areco 8-9 Eureka 
Santa Clara 5.5-10 La Trinidad 
Los Nocheros 5-4 Axus 

The 2017 Technopolo Cup continues on Thursday:

10:30am: Technopolo vs Antelope
3pm: Maple Leaf vs El Rosario de Areco
5:30pm: La Berta Polo Team vs Santa Clara
5:30pm: Eureka vs Los Nocheros

The final is scheduled for Friday, December 1st. 

Picture Gallery:
Los Nocheros vs Axus

Technopolo Cup 2017: Fixture & Teams