Thai Polo Cup Day 3
Thai Polo Cup Day 3Thai Polo Cup Day 3

Thai Polo Cup Day 3

Six matches on Friday; group stage comes to an end on Saturday

November 11, 2017
November 11, 2017
The third day of the Thai Polo Cup Argentina, the most important patron tournament of the Argentine spring season, took place on Friday. A total of sixteen teams up to 14 goals are taking part at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pilar.

Many teams are improving throughout the tournament, while some others have won their three matches and are fighting to top their league.

Friday's scores were as follows:
Thai Polo 4-6 Real Time 
E. G. Chocomakers 7-4.5 Mandala 
Sealink 4-7 Golden Falcons 
Altamira 7-6 Mindanao 
Mumbai El Paisano 7-8 F Polo Team 
La Vanguardia 7-6 La Victoire

The Thai Polo Cup Argentina continues on Saturday with the last two games of the group stage:
10:30am: La Ensenada vs Los Nocheros 
4pm: Power Horse vs Cibao La Pampa

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