El Remanso Cup
El Remanso CupEl Remanso Cup

El Remanso Cup

Semifinals set at Hanbury Club

October 25, 2017
October 25, 2017
The current edition of the annual El Remanso Cup is taking place at Charlie Hanbury's club in Lobos. The tournament sees six teams up to 16-goals in participation. Top players such as Sapo Caset and Jejo Taranco are taking part. After the opening matches, polo resumed on Friday and Tuesday. 

The latest results were as follows:
Venue: El Remanso: El Remanso 9-8 Campo Lindo
Venue: Cañuelas (Polo Ranch): Martinez & Martinez 7-6 El Carmen

The semifinals are due to be played on Thursday:
- La Dolfina Oriental vs El Carmen
- El Remanso vs Martinez & Martinez

El Remanso Cup will come to an end on Saturday, October 28.

Copa El Remanso: Fixture & Resultados