El Remanso Cup 2017
El Remanso Cup 2017El Remanso Cup 2017

El Remanso Cup 2017

Third day win for El Carmen

October 24, 2017
October 24, 2017
A new edition of the El Remanso Cup is taking place at El Remanso, in Lobos. A total of six teams, up to 16 goals, are in competition. After the opening matches, polo resumed with a single game on Friday. A few players competing in the Argentine Triple Crown are also taking part in the tournament, such as Sapo Caset and Jejo Taranco.

Friday's results:
La Gama 8-14 El Carmen

The El Remanso Cup will resume on Tuesday:
2pm, at El Remanso: El Remanso vs Campo Lindo
4pm, in Cañuelas (Polo Ranch): Martinez & Martinez vs El Carmen

The semifinals of the tournament will be played on Thursday.

Copa El Remanso: Fixture & Resultados