2017 El Remanso Cup
2017 El Remanso Cup2017 El Remanso Cup

2017 El Remanso Cup

Six 16 goal teams in competition

October 20, 2017
October 20, 2017
A new edition of the El Remanso Cup kicked off on Wednesday at the Hanbury's farm in Lobos. A total of six teams up to 16 goals are taking part in the tournament. Two matches have been played so far, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. High goal players such as Sapo Caset, Jejo Taranco and James Beim are participating.

Martinez & Martinez 11-4 La Gama
El Remanso 11-12 La Dolfina Oriental

The El Remanso Cup resumes on Friday. The final is scheduled for Saturday, October 28th.

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El Remanso vs La Dolfina Oriental

Copa El Remanso: Fixture & Scores