VIII Novillitos Cup
VIII Novillitos CupVIII Novillitos Cup

VIII Novillitos Cup

Kid's tournament kicks off season at La Aguada Polo Club

October 17, 2017
October 17, 2017
Girls and boys between 7-14 years of age were the big stars of the VIII Novillitos Cup, which marked the beginning of the spring season at La Aguada Polo Club.

The traditional Junior tournament was a huge success; it boasted the participation of 14 teams, split into three categories: Seniors, Juniors and Minis.

Family and friends enjoyed the hospitality of the Novillo Astrada family, and celebrated with an Argentine asado.


La Campana 3 vs Los Indios 0
Las Betulas 3 vs El Cabure 4
La Campana 4 vs El Cabure2
Las Betulas 4 vs Los Indios 3
Final La Campana 2 vs. El Cabure 1

MVP: Antonio Heguy
Fair play: Felipe Virasoro

Martindale 6 vs Magual 2
Las Monjitas 1 vs Las Betulas 2
Magual 3 vs La Aguada 2
Las Monjitas 7 vs Capilla 4
Martindale 4 vs La Aguada 1
Las Betulas 1 vs Capilla 2
Final: Martindale 5 vs Las Monjitas  2

MVP: Franz Spurge 
Fair Play: Juan Banchero

Los Indios 5 vs La Aguada 0
El Milagro 3 vs Las Pradera 0
Indios 0 vs praderas 1
La Aguada 0 vs El Milagro 4
La Aguada 0 vs Praderas 6
Indios 2 vs El Milagro 0

Champion: Indios
MVP: Nico Tomasevich
Fair Play: Clara Soto