Camino Real Circuit 2017
Camino Real Circuit 2017Camino Real Circuit 2017

Camino Real Circuit 2017

The first stage starts at Pompeya Polo Club

October 12, 2017
October 12, 2017
The Camino Real Circuit 2017 is due to start on Friday in the Argentine province of Córdoba. The first tournament will be played at Pompeya Polo Club. 

Pompeya is a unique place, framed by rolling hills and picturesque landscapes - a wonderful setting for polo! The club organises many equestrian related events, such as the 'Megafiesta Hípica,' the fourteenth edition of which takes place on March 10, 2018. 

The first stage of the CAMINO REAL CIRCUIT will see twelve teams between 5-8 goals compete. After Friday’s matches, the club will host a Rule Clinic, lead by Marcos Aldao and Diego Uranga, members of the Umpire & Ruling Sub-commission of the Argentine Polo Association. The tournament will continue on Saturday with the semifinals and the finals will be played on Sunday. 

The tournament will not only see local players and umpires take to the field, but also players invited from the northeast of the country (Catamarca, La Rioja, Tucumán and Santiago del Estero). Three other tournaments will be played simultaneously: six teams will play the Mediano Goal Cup (1-3 goals) and six teams will play the Low Goal Cup (0-goals). There will also be a Female Cup, with four teams in competition.

This weekend will see Pompeya Polo Club host 28 teams and 112 players!

Friday’s fixtures:

Field 3 - Zone B 
2pm: La Higuerita vs Malagueño El Puesto
3:30pm: Santa Teresita-Buenaventura vs Malagueño I
5pm: El Caburé Polo School vs Pompeya Pompeyita

Field 5 - Zone A 
2pm: Pueblo Estancia La Paz vs Cacique Litin
3:30pm: La Asturiana II vs El Galpón B
5pm: La Asturiana I vs San Alfonso del Talar

Zones & Teams:

Subzone A1 
PUEBLO ESTANCIA LA PAZ: Maximiliano Menecier 4, Ignacio Scarafía 2, Gustavo Scarafía 1, Guillermo Scarafía 1.
LA ASTURIANA II: Javier Fernandez Pizarro 2, Felipe Courel 3, Mariano Martínez 3, Juan Olivero 0.
SAN ALFONSO DEL TALAR: TBA 1, Damián Miculka 2, César Díez Nicotra 1, Juan Manuel Domínguez 2.
Subzone A2 
LA ASTURIANA I: Billy de la Rosa 4, Francisco Peluffo 2, Benjamín Caeiro 2, José García Castellanos 0.
EL GALPÓN B: Juan Manuel Pizarro 3, Marcos Vella 0, Tomás Juárez 1, Nipu Pizarro 3.
CACIQUE LITIN: Matías Audisio 1, Andrés Rasino 1, Rodrigo Zabala 2, José Luis Vitor 2.

Subzone B1 
LA HIGUERITA: Julio Piro 0, Gonzalo Albert 0, Fernando Reynot 5, Juan José Liprandi 3.
MALAGUEÑO: Jorge Navarro 2, Mauricio Arribas 1, Santiago Sánchez 2, Pablo Pérez Araoz 2.
POMPEYA POMPEYITA: Mariano Boeti 1, Carlos Molina 1, Iván Maldonado 4, Emiliano Guiñazú 0.
Subzone B2 
EL CABURÉ POLO SCHOOL: Francisco Pizarro 4, Sebastián Salvucci 0, Javier Perea 3, Ariel Márquez 1.
SANTA TERESITA - BUENAVENTURA: Patricio Torres 1, Facundo Zavalía 0, César Decilia 2, Santiago Otamendi 4.
MALAGUEÑO EL PUESTO: Paolo Bandeo 1, Gustavo Sánchez Bermejo 1, Carlos Mur 1, Pedro Mur 2.