• 2017 Triple Crown: Tortugas Open

2017 Triple Crown: Tortugas Open
2017 Triple Crown: Tortugas Open2017 Triple Crown: Tortugas Open

2017 Triple Crown: Tortugas Open

Agreement between AAP & Tortugas to host tournament final

October 5, 2017
October 5, 2017
After the events that took place last weekend at Palermo, and stemming from the article published on Pololine on Monday, the Tortugas organisation have responded stating their side of the story. 

In dialogue with Pololine, Diego Detang, representative of the company that commercialises the Tortugas Open, stated: "It is not true that Tortugas did not accept playing in Palermo. The problem was that the AAP did not want to get rid of their sponsors around the field, nor did they accept to display the sponsors of the Tortugas Open. Given our comercial and legal obligations, it was unacceptable to host the tournament there. As for the option of playing on private grounds, that was also impossible. It would be like playing the semifinals of Roland Garros at private courts belonging to Federer or Nadal."

Detang also spoke about the matches that were played on Saturday at Palermo:"I think that it was a great idea by the AAP in so much as it promoted polo and it let the players move the horses, but in order to not damage Tortugas they should have played crossed matches - Alegría vs La Dolfina, and Ellerstina vs La Aguada."

Tortugas Open

After a meeting between AAP President Eduardo Novillo Astrada and the President of Tortugas Country Club Frankie Dorignac, on Tuesday, October 4, it was agreed that the final be played directly on Saturday, October 7, without playing the semifinals, due to difficult weather conditions.

This means that the two highest handicapped teams, La Dolfina and Ellerstina, will play the final of the Tortugas Open on Palermo’s number one ground this Saturday.