Polo de Paris: Tournoi d'Automne
Polo de Paris: Tournoi d'AutomnePolo de Paris: Tournoi d'Automne

Polo de Paris: Tournoi d'Automne

Local team Sainte Mesme claim trophy in Bagatelle

September 19, 2017
September 19, 2017
The final of Tournoi d'Automne took place last weekend at Polo de Paris, which saw local team Sainte Mesme defeat Le Pommeray 10-6.5. The match saw great performances by Robert Strom and Louis Jarrige, with both players increased their advantage by the end of the third chukka.

Final standings:
1- Sainte Mesme
2- Le Pommeray
3- Red Falcon / La Concepcion (the match was canceled in chukker 2 due to the heavy rains)
5- Kazak
6- Otsiders
7- Hecla-Clearwater
8- Safir

The 6/8 goal Championat de France, organized by the French Federation of Polo, will mark the end of the season. The last tournament will take place between Chantilly Polo Club and Polo de Paris.