Paris: Tournoi dAutomne
Paris: Tournoi dAutomneParis: Tournoi dAutomne

Paris: Tournoi dAutomne

Sainte Mesme get stronger: four matches and still undefeated

September 11, 2017
September 11, 2017
Polo de Paris is hosting the last tournaments of the season: the Tournoi d’Automne. Four matches were played on Sunday; two at Sainte Mesme and two at Bagatelle. Sainte Mesme showed their power once again, claiming a new win. La Concepcion, on the other hand, lost their undefeated status.
Sunday’s results were as follows:
Sainte Mesme 6-5 Safir
La Concepcion Polo 4-5.5 Outsiders
Le Pommeray 6.5-6 Kazak
Red Falcon 5-2 Hecla Clearwater

Tournoi d’Automne resumes on Wednesday:
12:30pm: Le Pommeray vs Hecla Clearwater

The Tournoi d’Automne will come to an end on Sunday, September 17th.