• 2018 UK Polo Season

    James Harper, one of the players that will have a separate handicap

2018 UK Polo Season
2018 UK Polo Season2018 UK Polo Season

2018 UK Polo Season

The HPA have announced the full listing of new handicaps

August 23, 2017
August 23, 2017
The HPA have announced the new handicaps for the 2018 English Season. It’s worth to remember that these handicaps are subject to ratification by the Stewards after the final Handicap meeting on Friday, September 15th and therefore are subject to change. As everyone already knows, the 2018 UK Polo Season will feature a separate handicap for the 22-goal tournaments.

After the new handicaps announced by the HPA, at the moment the following players are the ones who have a different handicap:
Nico Pieres: 8 goals at the regular handicap and 9 at the separate one.
Max Charlton: 7 and 6.
Ale Muzzio: 8 and 7.
James Beim: 7 and 6.
James Harper: 7 and 6.
Chris MacKenzie: 7 and 6.
Jack Richardson: 7 and 6.
Tom Beim: 4 and 3.
Tom Brodie: 4 and 3.
Max Hutchinson: 3 and 2.
Hugo Lewis: 3 and 4.
Byron Watson: 4 and 3.
Andrew Dechet: 2 and 1.
Sebastian Hancock: 3 and 2.
Charlie Holley: 3 and 2.
Rupert Lewis: 3 and 2.
Thomas Severn: 3 and 2.
Alessandro Bazzoni: 1 and 0.

Among the steps to follow for a player to get a separate hándicap for the 2018 UK 22-goal season, are the followings:

-Any patrón may apply to the HPA for any player / team for any of the four 22-goals tournaments (Queen’s Cup, Gold Cup for the British Open, Prince of Wales Trophy and Warwickshire Cup).
-The application must provide details of the teams and tournaments to be entered.
-The players should have a hándicap between 3 and 7 goals.
-The application must be made to the HPA by January 31 2018.

The HPA has no obligation to consider:
- Any application received after January 31, 2018.
- A player that has gone down at the 2017 end of the season meeting.
-A member of a team that includes a 10-goal player.
-A member of a team that includes a player who has already been awarded a lower 22 goal handicap.

There will be no right to appeal.

The detail of ups and downs is as follows:
From 8 to 9: 
Tincho Merlos and Nicolás Pieres.
From 7 to 8: 
Alejandro Muzzio. 
From 6 to 7: 
James Beim, James Harper, Alfredo Bigatti, Juan Britos, Chris Mackenzie, Jack Richardson.
From 5 to 6: 
Ollie Cudmore.
From 4 to 5: 
Tommy Beresford, Mín Podestá, Gregorio Gelosi, Matías Machado.
From 3 to 4: 
Hugo Lewis, Jack Hyde, Lucho Aguirre, Tom Beim, Tom Brodie, Jacob Daniels, Nico Roberts, Nicolás San Román, Byron Watson. 
From 2 to 3:
José Ramón Araya, Edward Banner-Eve, Gastón Bardengo, Sebastian Hancock, Charlie Holley, Rupert Lewis, Temur Nadeem, Ralph Richardson, Thomas Severn. 
From 1 to 2:
Jimbo Fewster, Hugo Taylor, D’Artagnan Giercke, Niels Van Der Hoeven, Charlie Woodbridge. 
From 0 to 1:
Ned Hine, Will Harper, Jack Aldridge, Charlie Cadogan, Mía Cambiaso, Poroto Cambiaso, Milly Hine, Jake Rigby, Angus Rowan Hamilton. 
From -1 to 0: 
Daniel Batchelor, Olivia Clowes, Capucine Granchi, Aleksander Horvat, Alfie Hyde, Christian Oberschneider, Lila Pearson, Alex Stone.

From 10 to 9: 
Pelon Stirling.
From 8 to 7: 
Magoo Laprida and Fred Mannix.
From 7 to 6: 
John Paul Clarkin, Marcos Araya. 
From 6 to 5: 
Nacho González, Simon Keyte and the Earl of Tyrone. 
From 5 to 4: 
Tom Morley.
From 4 to 3: 
Nina Clarkin.
From 3 to 2: 
George Hanbury.
From 1 to 0: 
Alessandro Bazzoni, Nick Clarke, Stuart Lodge. 
From 0 to -1: 
Clare Mathias. 

UK 2018 Season Full Handicap Listings.