• 2018 English high goal season

2018 English high goal season
2018 English high goal season2018 English high goal season

2018 English high goal season

Everything about the introduction of a separate handicap for the 22-goal tournaments

August 20, 2017
August 20, 2017
As we already know, the 2018 english high season will bring a lot of news, some of them regarding the work permissions after the meeting between the HPA and the Home Office. Therefore, England has decided to establish a sort of “;;;separate” hándicap for the ones that take part in some of the four 22-goals tournaments (Queen’s Cup, Gold Cup, Prince of Wales and Warwickshire Cup).

Following, the rises and lows after the Queen’s Cup and Gold Cup:

8 to 9
Tincho Merlos y Nicolás Pieres.
5 to 6
Ollie Cudmore.
4 to 5
Tommy Beresford y Mín Podestá.
3 to 4
Hugo Lewis y Jack Hyde.
1 to 2
Jimbo Fewster y Hugo Taylor.
0 to 1
Ned Hine y Will Harper.

10 to 9
Pelon Stirling.
8 to 7
Magoo Laprida y Fred Mannix.
7 to 6
John Paul Clarkin.
3 to 2
George Hanbury.
1 to 0
Alessandro Bazzoni.

The hándicap's modifications regarding the players that participated in the Warwickshire Cup and Prince of Wales, will be decided on August 21 during the High Goal committee meeting.

Among the steps to follow for a player to get a separate hándicap for next season, are the followings:

- Any patrón may apply to the HPA for any player / team for any of the four 22-goals tournaments mentioned above
- The application must provide details of the teams and tournaments to be entered
- The players should have a hándicap between 3 and 7 goals
- The application must be made to the HPA by January 31 2018

The HPA has no obligation to consider:
- Any application rececived after January 31
- A player that has gone down at the 2017 end of the season meeting
- A memeber of a team that includes a 10-goal player
- A member of a team that includes a player who has already been awarded a lower 22 goal handicap.

There will be no right to appeal.

For more information head to HPA-POLO.CO.UK.