Silver Cup: Lechuza win high goal
Silver Cup: Lechuza win high goalSilver Cup: Lechuza win high goal

Silver Cup: Lechuza win high goal

Lechuza Caracas claim high goal at Santa Maria Polo Club

August 13, 2017
August 13, 2017
Sunday was a busy day at Santa Maria Polo Club, with two finals and the APPL All Star exhibition. The low goal opened fire with the subsidiary and main final, where La Mangosta claimed the first trophy of the day after beating Ghabilian Guards 13.5-13

Low Goal Subsidiary Final: Sardañola 8-7.5 Don Carlos	 
Low Goal Final: La Mangosta 13.5-13 Ghabilian Guards
MVP: Diogo Gallego.

Later in the afternoon, the highlight of the day at Los Pinos: the high goal Silver Cup  final between Dos Lunas and Lechuza. It was an even game with good plays, but Lechuza claimed a deserved 10-8 win over Dos Lunas.

Final: Lechuza 10-8 Dos Lunas.
Score Lechuza: 2-1, 6-1, 10-1, 10-3, 14-4, 14-6.
BPP: Marquita, played by Juan Martín Nero in 3rd and 6th chukka.

Next up, Santa Maria Polo Club prepares to host the "Copa de Oro" (Gold Cup), the highlight of the season. The tournament will kick off this week; the final will mark the end of the season at Sotogrande on August 27. 

High, Medium and Low goal fixtures will be shared soon on PoloLine.


The delight of the day was the All Pro Polo League exhibition that took place before the high goal final. Two 10-goal players took part in the league for the first time: Facundo Pieres and Pablo MacDonough. It was Pieres’ team, Bantues, who won the match in a game of full speed, open polo.

BANTUES: Facundo Pieres, Martin Valent, Juan Gris Zavaleta, Martin Iturraspe.
PAMPAS: Pablo Mac Donough, Santiago Laborde, Clemente Zavaleta, Lucas James.

More APPL info on Pololine soon.

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