Polo Masters/Open de Gassin: Matchday 3
Polo Masters/Open de Gassin: Matchday 3Polo Masters/Open de Gassin: Matchday 3

Polo Masters/Open de Gassin: Matchday 3

Open draws after Saturday's scores

July 22, 2017
July 22, 2017
An intense polo matchday took place on Saturday at the Polo Club de Saint Tropez related to the Polo Masters/Open de Gassin. The scores on both categories (10 & 15 goals) led to an open definition for both group stages.
Villa a Sesta 12-7 St Tropez/Sea Breeze
Good win for Riccardo Tattoni’s team after losing their opening fixture a couple of days ago against Antelope. The first chukker was very effective for Edu Menéndez, who scored all 3 goals of his team, from a total of a personal 7. Esteban Panelo made some attempts to keep St Tropez/Sea Breeze alive with some scores, but Villa A sesta was really solid and always kept widening the gap. Both teams will reach Tuesday’s matchday with chances to reach the semifinals. 
Score Villa a Sesta: 3-1, 6-2, 9-4, 12-7.
Umpires: Esteban Ferrari.

Antelope 5-6 Las Plantas
Same situation that the previous game: Las Plantas must get a win to keep its chances alive. It was a very tight and even match. Good performances by Silvestre Fanelli and Nacho Kennedy in their respective teams. After the initial advantage took by Antelope, Las Plantas start leading the scoreboard and practically was never behind again. And when everything looked as if an extra chukker was the strongest possibility, a very nice goal by Silvestre Fanelli (scored the 6 goals of his team) gave Las Plantas the win on the bell.   
Score Las Plantas: 2-3, 2-3, 4-3, 6-5.
Umpires: Alex Roldan.

Chateau D'Aulne/El Milagro 10.5-5 ERG
Maybe it was the less expected score of the whole matchday after what both teams showed in their first game of the 15-goal. Chateau D'Aulne/El Milagro weared in this occasion the Sainte Mesme jersey and its 4 players had a very good performance. Great opening chukker for the winners, who got a convincing advantage in the beginning (4.5-2). The good level shown by Bautista Urbina during the first periods gave ERG some hope, but during the last 2 his team was totally outplayed by Chateau D'Aulne/El Milagro. They knew how to keep the control of the game and how to close this must win for them. The 15-goal remains open in its way to the semifinals.
Score Chateau D'Aulne/El Milagro: (0.5-0) 4.5-2, 5.5-3, 6.5-5, 8.5-5, 10.5-5.
Umpires: Federico Martelli y Esteban Ferrari.

The Polo Masters/Open de Gassin will continue on Sunday with the following order of play:
10am, 8-10 goal category: Cibao La Pampa vs Dark Ice 
11am, 8-10 goal category: La Bien Mirada vs VT Wealth Management 
5pm, 12-15 goal category: Marquard Media vs 21st Luxury  
6:30pm, 12-15 goal category: Pull Love vs Antelope

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