Polo Masters/Open de Gassin: Day 2
Polo Masters/Open de Gassin: Day 2Polo Masters/Open de Gassin: Day 2

Polo Masters/Open de Gassin: Day 2

Antelope and 21st Luxury closed the day with an intense contest

July 21, 2017
July 21, 2017
The second matchday of the Polo Masters/Open de Gassin took place on Friday at the Polo Club de Saint Tropez. Two matches were played during the morning related to the 10-goal category, while the 15-goal featured one game in the afternoon.
Cibao La Pampa 8-6 La Bien Mirada
Good debut in Saint Tropez for Cibao La Pampa, who started with a win against also debutants La Bien Mirada. The first two chukkers were really even and tight, but from then onwards the effectiveness was on the side of Juan and Jorge Pepa’s team, both of them having a good performance. La Bien Mirada tried a comeback at the end but it was just not enough.
Score Saint Tropez: 1-1, 3-2, 7-4, 8-6.

Dark Ice 6.5-8 VT Wealth Management
Dark Ice featured Luis Iglesias and Topo Braun, who made their debut in the current season in Saint Tropez after playing in Madrid and Paris, respectively. The initial advantage of 1.5 goals on handicap for Dark Ice was making progress until the second chukker. From then onwards swiss’ VT Wealth Management started growing after the good performances by its professionals Matías Carrique and Agustín Canale, and they controlled the ball and the game even though Dark Ice had some chances during the last period. 
Score VT Wealth Management: (0-1.5) 1-2.5, 6-4.5, 7-4.5, 8-6.5.
Umpires: Alex Roldan.

Antelope 11-10 21st Luxury
It was thought to be an attractive and tight match and that was what ended up happening. Two fierce teams that showed it inside the field. During some lapses the game was a little bit messy and that led to an even more intense and vibrant contest. 21st Luxury took the first advantages and was leading 7-3. But Antelope had a great third chukker, where they scored 4 goals in a row to tie the game in 7. And after a new score by 21st Luxury, Antelope’s Geoffrey Palmer had a great ride and scored 4 consecutive goals to give the lead to his team. They had the chance to take a 3 goal advantage (12-9) but they missed a couple of penalties 2. 21st Luxury made a great comeback, was only 1 goal behind, and they had the last ball of the afternoon but it went just wide a couple of centimetres. Good debut win by Antelope in the competition.
Score Antelope: 2-3, 3-7, 7-8, 10-9, 11-10.
Umpires: Federico Martelli y Esteban Ferrari.

The Polo Masters/Open de Gassin will resume on Saturday with the following order of play:
10am, categoría 8-10 goles: Villa A Sesta vs St Tropez/Sea Breeze 
11am, categoría 8-10 goles: Las Plantas vs Antelope 
6pm, categoría 12-15 goles: ERG vs Chateau D'Aulne/El Milagro 

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