USPA Silver Cup Final
USPA Silver Cup FinalUSPA Silver Cup Final

USPA Silver Cup Final

Work To Ride/Los Machitos wins title in Greenwich

July 19, 2017
July 19, 2017
Over two weeks of intense play, four teams battled for the distinguished title. Work to Ride/Los Machitos quickly advanced to the final after defeating each of their three opponents. Despite an early loss to Work to Ride/Los Machitos, Phoenix overcame opponents Hublot and Postage Stamp Farm to earn their final spot on July 16.

At the onset of the 2017 Silver Cup Final, Phoenix received two goals on handicap. The game opened with a goal from Work to Ride/Los Machitos’ Joseph Manheim. This initial goal, combined with strong defensive plays left Phoenix scoreless at the end of the first period. The second chukker mirrored the first, as Mariano Aguerre sunk a goal through the posts for Work to Ride/Los Machitos. Matias Magrini countered, garnering Phoenix’s first goal of the contest.

The remainder of the first half continued at a steady pace as Aguerre scored his second goal to even the score 3-3 at the half. Aguerre remained strong when play resumed in the fourth as he fired in another goal from the field. Once again, a determined Phoenix answered with a goal -this time from Victorino Ruiz Jorba. A Penalty 3 conversion from Work to Ride/Los Machitos’ Mariano Gonzalez closed out the chukker 5-4 in favor of Work to Ride/Los Machitos. Play picked up in the fifth as the teams added two field goals apiece to the scoreboard to maintain the gap 7-6. 

With one chukker remaining in regulation time, and trailing by one, Phoenix was within reach. A field goal by Phoenix’s Toro Ruiz tied the score 7-7. With the possibility of overtime looming, Mariano Aguerre, a newly-minted Polo Hall of Famer, made his sixth goal of the day securing a narrow win 8-7, continuing the tradition adding his name to a long list of famed polo players. 

USPA Silver Cup Final:
Work To Ride/Los Machitos 8-7 Phoenix 
MVP: Toro Ruiz.
BPP: Machitos Melody, owned and played by Mariano Aguerre.
Score Work To Ride / Los Machitos: (0-2) 1-2, 2-3, 3-3, 5-4, 7-6, 8-7.
Scorers Work To Ride / Los Machitos: Mariano Aguerre 6, Mariano González 1, Joe Manheim 1.
Scorers Phoenix: Toro Ruiz 3, Matías Magrini 1, Lucas Díaz Alberdi 1.

Subsidiary Final:
Hublot 13-11 Postage Stamp Farm 
MVP: Tommy Biddle.
BPP: Cali Nuez, played by Tomás García Del Río.
Score Hublot: 3-3, 5-6, 10-6, 12-9, 13-9, 13-11.
Scorers Hublot: Tommy Biddle 8, Tomás García del Río 3, Mike Davis 1, Marcos García del Río 1.
Scorers Postage Stamp Farm: Brandon Phillips 6, Kris Kampsen 2, Joao Paulo Ganon, Shariah Harris 1.  

The much awaited moment at Greenwich Polo Club will be the kick off of the East Coast Open, scheduled for August, 27th. 

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