Saint Tropez: International Polo Cup
Saint Tropez: International Polo CupSaint Tropez: International Polo Cup

Saint Tropez: International Polo Cup

Great start with a double matchday

July 6, 2017
July 6, 2017
Thursday saw the kick off of the International Polo Cup at the Polo Club de Saint Tropez, in both categories: up to 10 & up to 15 goals. The importance of this tournament is because it sets the kickoff of the peak season at the club and is also one of the most traditional competitions at the tropezienne institution. A total of 5 teams up to 10 goles & 6 up to 15 are taking part.

The opening matchday was double and featured the following scores:
-Category 8-10 goals:
10am, Field 4: Saint Tropez Polo Team 9-8.5 Dark Ice.
Good performance by Corinne Schuler’s team, who had a great combination between its 3 professionals. Beat a tough rival who had a chance in the final minutes with a penalty 4 to take the win but they couldn’t take advantage of it. 

Score Saint Tropez Polo Team: (0-0.5) 1-3.5, 6-4.5, 8-6.5, 9-8.5.

-Category 12-15 goals:
5pm, Field 3: Antelope 8-7 Pull Love.
Strong start by Pull Love, who arrived in Saint Tropez after winning the Grisogono Polo Master at Villa A Sesta. But from the third chukker onwards, the 3 professionals of Antelope showed a great level achieving a 5-0 between the second and third chukker. Pull Love found in Flaco García Grossi and Nico Espain some hope to make a comeback, but the solid defense by Geoffrey Palmer’s team was good enough to keep them out of the tie. 

Score Antelope: 1-2, 2-3, 6-3, 8-5, 8-7.

6:30pm, Field 3: F Polo 11.5-10 Marquard Media.
Martin Aguerre showed effectiveness at the penalties and every time F Polo made a foul it was almost a new score for Marquard Media. But during the third chukker, and from a classical style by Sebastián Harriott, F Polo started the comeback. Esteban Panelo became the effective one at the penalties and once they got an advantage they were never reached again.  

Score F Polo: (0.5-0) 1.5-2, 2.5-5, 6.5-7, 9.5-8, 11.5-10.

The International Polo Cup will continue on Friday with the following order of play:
6pm, category 12-15 goal: Legacy vs Monte Carlo Polo Team

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