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Matches at Guards and Cirencester

June 19, 2017
June 19, 2017
Five matches were played on Monday for the Royal Windsor Cup (12-15 goals) to finish with the qualifying stage.
The scores were as follows:
Clarita Black 6-8 Mad Dogs	
HB Polo 7-8 GSA	
Kildare 11-4 Twelve Oaks	
Four Quarters Orange 10-8 Shalimar	
Armis Snake Bite 8-7 Ferne Park
On Tuesday morning there will be a penalty shootout to set the order of play for the quarterfinals, to be played on Wednesday.
Picture Gallery:
Snakebite vs Ferne Park
Apsley Cup
The Apsley Cup kicked off on Monday at Cirencester for teams up to 18 goals. A total of 5 are taking part. There was only one game played on the opening matchday with the following score:
Park Place 15-6 Noon Giraffe
The tournament will be resumed next Saturday with the following matches:
1pm: Noon Giraffe vs Bardon 
3pm: Marchfield Polo vs GSA LAS Monjitas
Archie David
On Tuesday at Guards Polo Club the Archie David Cup (4-8 goals) will be resumed with three matches. The order of play will be as follows:
12:15pm: Flying Kiwis/Tempest vs Previse Polo Team	
3pm: Shalimar vs Strategic Help For Heroes	
4:15pm: Emsworth Polo Grounds vs Yaguara