Queens Cup Final
Queens Cup FinalQueens Cup Final

Queens Cup Final

RH Polo beat La Indiana at Guards

June 18, 2017
June 18, 2017
The much awaited moment for the two best teams of the Queen’s Cup came on Sunday afternoon after more than 3 weeks of thrilling matches. RH and La Indiana were ready to fight for the prestigious Cup, as both teams had fair chances of winning the title. RH reached the final undefeated; La Indiana, on the other hand, only suffered one loss, against Sommelier.
The first chukka saw a solid start for both teams. Rodrigo Andrade was the first to find space and score just minutes after the first throw in. The Brazilian, 2013 Queen's Cup champions with Zacara, is playing his second season with RH. He has been a fundamental part of the team’s structure this year. Next, Tommy Beresford scored to widen the advantage to 2-0. Tincho Merlos then had an opportunity from 30 yards and put La Indiana only one goal behind RH, 1-2. After the following throw-in, Nic Roldan had a chance to score, but didn't quite make it. The game was non-stop.
Two minutes into the second chukka, Tincho Merlos took the ball 60 yards away from RH’s goal and hit it very precisely to tied the match 2-all. Adolfo Cambiaso then began leading his team. Beresford scored again for RH, and later on Cambiaso converted a 60 yard penalty to make it 4-2. The first half came to an end with a 6-3 advantage to RH.
But the fourth chukka saw La Indiana come out in flames. The influence of coach Pite Merlos was very clear, just as it happened against Murus Sanctus in the semifinals. Tincho Merlos closed the gap after a corner and a goal after the following throw in. Up next Nic Roldan, who was very close seconds before, scored twice to take La Indiana 7-6 up. Tincho Merlos scored again, but relief finally arrived for RH as Cambiaso scored a goal. 
The fifth chukka was perhaps the most fought of the whole afternoon, with both teams scoring goals. La Indiana maintained the advantage into the sixth chukker (9-8). But in this last chukka RH showed their skill, proving why they have been unbeaten in the tournament. Cambiaso tied the game 9-all, and when it looked like the match was heading into extra chukker, the La Dolfina player took the ball off the boards, ran with it, and scored just as the bell rang. The RH team went wild as grooms and players celebrated. This is the tenth Queen's Cup title for Cambiaso, and the first ever win for patron Ben Soleimani. Congratulations RH!
Score RH: 2-1, 4-2, 6-3, 7-8, 8-9, 10-9.
Scorers RH: Adolfo Cambiaso (6), Rodrigo Andrade (2), Tommy Beresford (2).
Scorers La Indiana: Tincho Merlos (7), Nic Roldan (2).
BPP: Caraqueña, played and owned by Adolfo Cambiaso.
BPP by the Argentine Breeders Association: Dolfina Nut, played by Rodrigo Andrade and owned by Adolfo Cambiaso.  
MVP: Tommy Beresford.
Before the main final was played, King Power Foxes and Sommelier went head to head for the Subsidiary Final title. Top Srivaddhanaprabha was making his comeback after a shoulder injury. It was an open game until the sixth chukker, when King Power found their best groove to take the 10-6 win. 
Score King Power: 2-3, 5-4, 5-5, 7-5, 8-6, 10-6.
MVP: Jimbo Fewster.
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