Queens Cup: The last step
Queens Cup: The last stepQueens Cup: The last step

Queens Cup: The last step

RH Polo and La Indiana ready for the battle

June 17, 2017
June 17, 2017
After the semifinals played last Wednesday, finally the most awaited moment of the competition arrived. On Sunday, at 3pm, a new edition of the Queen’s Cup will come to an end with the two best teams so far and, at the same time, teams that showed why they were the favourites to reach the final after their performance at the qualifying stage. They both reached the semifinals winning their leagues.
On one side will be RH Polo, unbeaten in 2017. Ben Soleimani’s team has won all their matches, including the final of the Prince of Wales, prior to the beginning of the Queen’s Cup. Adolfo Cambiaso, after 16 successful season playing for Dubai, has shown a great shape as usual and keeping the focus in the very same thing: winning. The player from Cañuelas will seek his 10th title. He is very well accompanied by Tommy Beresford and Rodrigo Andrade, who have been playing over his handicap over the last seasons. One of the key of the game will be their contributions to neutralice the attacks of La Indiana.
Michael Bickford’s team reached this season after a 2016 to remember, where they played both finals: the Queen’s Cup and the Gold Cup. They will face again one of the players who beat them last year: Adolfo Cambiaso. On that occasion the difference was only one goal. They lost talented Julián de Lusarreta, MVP of the final in 2016; a spicy player, explosive and one of the top players of the whole season. But Luke Tomlinson arrived to contribute with balance and some more strength in defense. Michael Bickford’s level could be one of the keys to win the final; the talent of Tincho Merlos as well, if he feels well. Lastly, Merlos will need his partner, Nic Roldan, in order to set off everything he has to offer.
In 2016 Queen Elizabeth II couldn’t assist to the prize giving due to the celebrations of her 90th birthday. Everyone is awaiting for her comeback to present the Trophy to the winners.   

RH Polo: Ben Soleimani 0, Tommy Beresford 4, Rodrigo Andrade 8, Adolfo Cambiaso 10. Total: 22. 
La Indiana: Michael Bickford 1, Nic Roldan 7, Tincho Merlos 8, Luke Tomlinson 6. Total: 22. 
The order of play for the Final matchday will be the following:
11am, Subsidiary Final: Sommelier vs King Power Foxes, at Field 2.
3pm: Final: RH Polo vs La Indiana, at Field 1.
The Final will be streamed LIVE on PoloLine.Tv produced by PoloCam Tv.