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Action in England

Matches at the Queens Cup & Royal Windsor

June 15, 2017
June 15, 2017
The Subsidiary semifinals for the Queen’s Cup took place on Thursday with both matches being played simultaneously. The order of play for Sunday’s Final  was set at the end of the games.

The scores were as follows:
King Power Foxes 14-10 Monterosso
Sommelier 8-7 Talandracas
The order of play for Sunday’s Final matchday is the following:
11am, Subsidiary Final: King Power Foxes vs Sommelier
3pm, Final: La Indiana vs RH Polo
The Finals will be streamed LIVE on PoloLine.Tv produced by PoloCam Tv.
Picture Gallery:
King Power Foxes vs Monterosso
The tournament for teams up to 15 goals continues at Guards Polo Club. The scores on Thursday were as follows:

HB Polo 7-6 Les Lions	
Kildare 7-10 Park Place	
Ballinger Polo Team 5-7 Mad Dogs
The Royal Windsor will continue on Friday with the following matches:

12pm: Armis Snake Bite vs Clarke and Green	
3pm: GSA vs King Power
The final is due for Sunday, June 25th.
Picture Gallery:
Ballinger Polo Team vs Mad Dogs